Un Maestro,una Causa,un Efecto (A teacher, a cause, an effect)

The project "Un Maestro, una Causa, Un Efecto" by Cecilia Mendoza was presented for the first time during the months of August and September 2016 at Borges Cultural Center. It was part of the 2nd edition of Gallery Night, an event organized by Arte al Día, which has the support of the City of Buenos Aires's Government.

The paintings and installations turn around the explicit relationship between the work of the Argentine musician Gustavo Cerati and the work of one the most greatest literary reference, the writer Jorge Luis Borges. The dialectic between these two icons of Latin American culture helps us to approach the conceptual universe that obsessed the two artists: the infinite, the circularity of time, perspectivism, perception, sequences, creation, the eternal return, cosmology, fragmentation and totality.

The exhibition was considered of cultural interest by the Ministry of foreign affairs of the Argentine Republic.  It was presented in Barcelona during August 2017 at the Argentine Consulate. "Un maestro, una causa, un efecto" was recommended by the local government of Barcelona.

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